Ha! And you thought this was going to be a Halloween post!


We had practice this morning, and after practice, we have cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. I get changed, hang out with the girls to listen to their stories, and try to get my life organized as they are eating. Today, I was barred from my room until they could “finish”.

The above picture is what I walked in on.

I love this down time, even more so now that ever, because these are girls I’ve had very few interactions with. I was to be their sixth grade teacher and was moved to 8th grade. This year, I was to be their 8th grade teacher and was moved to sixth grade.


So, I value these times to build relationships, to share a “meal”, and to get to know them a little bit better so when I comes time to push them hard, they trust me, and I know what to do to get the most out them.

I love this time of year, basketball time. 🙂

Nothing more, just a little expression of why I love coaching: it’s about the relationships (and winning, sometimes!).