…..this isn’t a blog for you.

I’ve never heard of Jack Black’s comedic heavy metal group, Tenacious D, until a couple of weeks ago.


I was bored and watching Facebook videos. I came across “Adults react and MEET Tenacious D”, so what the heck, I’ll give it a watch. As an aging rocker, I love finding “new” stuff that I may not have heard of before. I’ve lived in some areas without much variety of music (northeast Iowa anyone), and before the Internet, there just wasn’t much at all.


Anywhoo, What. The. Heck.

First, it’s Jack Black. He’s obnoxious. He’s rude. He’s a bit crass and vulgar, but damn he can sing! Second, these guys for a comedic rock band and actually rock pretty hard. They’ve got Dave Gohl, of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame, to play on a couple of their albums and show up in their movie, The Pick of Destiny, as the hard rocking Satan himself.


Finally, it’s all about finding that joy in what you do and going with it. The power with which they play, the weirdly satisfying harmonies, the freekin’ heavy hitting guitar riffs, all it screams “rock on”. Yet, the lyrics are absurd at best, vulgar in illegal in some countries at worst and not appropriate for young ears.  Thankfully, mine aren’t young! It’s very rare you find a group with this much talent that isn’t so stuck on themselves that they’ve all ready broken up. The fact they are still around (along with the Foo Fighters, another favorite) says volumes about the members. They fact they’ve also worked with groups like Pearl Jam, Beck, and Dio speaks volumes of what those in the music industry see in them. In fact, the Grammy they’ve won (yes, they are a Grammy award winning group) was a cover of Dio’s epic Last In Line on a tribute album titled This is Your Life. I mean come on, I could drop a few more names, but why bother?? 🙂

They love what they do, and it’s obvious it’s not a job to them. We could learn a lot from groups like this, ones who just play for the joy of making people happy (and a little cash on the side doesn’t hurt!). Why can’t we find that joy in our own lives? Why don’t we look for it?

Anyway, my slices have been a bit seriously lately, and it’s the first night of conferences, this was a much needed distraction. Beside, who doesn’t love some comedic rock music?

I leave you with Tribute, the first song I had the privilege of listening too! Basket in the glory of the greatest rock band of all time (or so they claim!).