It’s my birthday.


I’m 47.


My grade partner sent out this AWFUL picture of me in my homecoming costume as a reminder to the 7th and 8th graders.


Yet, it’s a good day. I found one of the birthday presents my wife bought me, steel toes rubber boots. Now, you may not be impressed, but now, instead of putting on my work boots going to move heifers, I can slip these on and away I go! 🙂


The other present, she calls me Friday and says, “Do you want to know what your present is?” (Silly question!) “Can you help me get it out of car?” (Sweet) It was an 8th foot aluminum ladder. Again, you may not be impressed, but I’ve wanted a ladder for a while now.


Getting older, the gifts aren’t quite as fun. My wife was very apologetic about what she got me. Sometimes, it’s fact I feel loved that’s the gift.

Now, chocolate cake and ice cream await me when I get home! 🙂