I struggle with my weight. I feel the stress oozing through my pores, and know that I’ll medicate it with food. I am the poster child for stress eating, the sweeter the better.

I struggle with watching my 8th grade team begin to prepare for next year, while my sixth grade team is not yet a team.

I struggle watching my students with apathetic attitude at such a young age.

I struggle getting everything done, when layer after layer are put into the basket.

I struggle with those things that are totally out of my control, but constantly mess with my school, my students, and my family.

I struggle with bullies, adult and student.

I struggle with parents who won’t stand up to their kids. Parenting is hard, but it needs to be done. If the phone, the X-Box, the whatever is the carrot for behavior, then use it.

I struggle with the fact that it’s April 24, and my garden isn’t planted, my potatoes aren’t in the ground, and that creeping charlie is ALL over my lawn!

I struggle with both daughters soon being adults.

I struggle with my own education and focusing on one thing. Scattered is not a good place to be.

I struggle with wanting more, but being unable to get there.