Tuesday, I had my students think about how they’d describe themselves to someone else using “I am” statements. I thought this would be a great way to start out my own Slice of Life! πŸ™‚

  • I am a husband to Melissa. My wife and I will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary during our SOL Challenge. She is my rock, my solid ground, and without her, I’m not sure where I would be.
  • I am a father to Gabrielle (19) and Faith (17). Two talented, intelligent, beautiful young women who will make their mark on the world. If they could get along with each other, I cannot image how happy I’d be.
  • I am a brother to Patrick. He’s a couple years younger than I am, with a wife and three kids. He’s one of the most positive people I know, and this suit his family well.
  • I am a son to Mike and Sandy. A teacher and stay at home mom/legal secretary, they gave up a lot for my brother and I, and yet, we traveled almost every summer to various parts of the United States. Now, as a retired couple, they’ve earned their reward, traveling all over the world, seeing the places and things they want to see.
  • I am a teacher. My father and aunt told me no, but I didn’t listen. I’ve taught all grade levels, K – 12, and currently work with 8th graders. I love to come to work every day, because every day is different and new. I don’t think I’m a great teachers, but I’ve been deemed “the relationship guy” and
  • I am a coach. I’ve coached high school girls for a year with my wife, and all the rest of my years I’ve been at the middle school level. These last two years have been hard to beat because they we’ve had great shooters, great height, but what I’ve enjoyed most, great attitude. If I could earn a living coaching, I would go in a heart beat because I love the teaching that takes place on the court, on the bus, in practice!
  • I am conflicted. As my girls are almost grown, there’s a lot of second guessing to how and where we’ve settled. Was this the right area? Did we do the right things?
  • I am tired. Tired of having to fight a battle against “lazy teachers”, against “rich teachers”, and against “entitled teachers”. I’m sure those teachers are out there, but I’ve never come across them. The only place I seen them is in comments about the teaching profession, from people who’ve never stepped into my class.
  • I am amazed. My students are amazing. My wife, my daughters, there’s so much that I could write about all of them. The fact I have students coming in from homes places I cannot imagine, but are active and do some incredible work. My wife works with 4 year olds, that’s amazing in itself! I have a daughter who has this powerful singing voice, one that could take her to great places. My other daughter left me behind in what she can do years ago, studying software engineering.
  • I am in pain. My knee hurts because of a basketball injury this year. My feet are better,Β  but if I overdo it, they are sore.
  • I am hurting. For those in Florida, because those students are finally starting to use their voices when adults won’t listen. For those here, who feel school and life are hopeless. For teachers, trying to teach, council, parent, coach, to shield their students metaphorically and physically, trying to be political, yet stay sane.
  • I am hopeful. For my students, because they are so much more intelligent than I was at this point. For teachers, because we seem to be finding our voice in the face of repeated shock and awe tactics tried by different groups. For my own future, as I get ready to embark, yet again, on a new grade level and new curriculum.
  • I am human. I love. I hurt. I feel. I celebrate. I laugh. I cry.

And most of all, I am me. πŸ™‚