Today is Valentine’s Day, a day of love, chocolate, and sappy, syrupy cards.


The problem is I’m a sappy, syrupy kind of guy, as both my wife and daughters will attest to. I enjoy the giving part of Valentine’s Day. Today, it was flowers and chocolate for my wife, a carnation and ballon for my youngest daughter, and tonight, my wife is bringing home heart shaped pizza!


I’ve never known any different, it’s just what I’ve done, period. I’ve not felt obligated to do such things, I just love the smiles. Apparently, this is something tremendous.


We were in class, and two of my students asked what I’d done for my wife, and I told them what I’d done this morning and what we’d do tonight. They both started to tear up!! Now, before I go much further, my wife and I have never hid the fact we love each other. I’ve not been much on hiding public PDAs, so while we aren’t making out in the grocery store, a hug, holding hand, a quick kiss in public is never out of the question. A couple of the youngest daughter’s friends were sent a snap of us holding hands, and the reply snaps were “#goals”, “awwwww”, and “your parents are so cute”. I usually say that about old people, so I guess we are old!


Anyway, they start in about how this so cute, then ask me how long we’ve been married. Their eyes get really big when I say almost 24 years, and suddenly, “You STILL do stuff like that after you’ve been married that long??” Well, yes. “OMG, I want a marriage like yours!”


Now, as a couple, we fight, I don’t always listen really well, and with the stroke, she get frustrated with my inability to find words, but in the end, I love this woman dearly. If, as a teacher, I can be a role model, not only in the classroom, not only on social media, but in real life…….wow.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Melissa. I love you! 🙂