Last Friday was a snow day, a glorious, beautiful snow day.

I don’t know how many snow days I’ve had over my career, but last Friday was one that was special. I can’t explain why it what it was. We (my wife, daughter, and I) were so relaxed and happy, it was unusual for us. As a teaching couple and a high school senior, our house is not always this way! 🙂

For me, I did two things that I rarely do on a good day: I read a book and I organized my seeds for the spring season.

I’d been reading the book, The Sound of Glass, by Karen White, for a while. I tend to read when I go to bed, and get maybe 10 minutes before I start to nod off. I spent hours in this book on Friday, finally reaching a point where I could not (and would not) put it down. At the end, I shed a tear, but was quite content how the characters finished this story out. I love Karen White, and while I’ve only read her Tradd Street series (Soooo good!), I loved this book for many different reason. The flow of her writing is like an old pair of shoes, it’s so easy to slip into and just go. I love how she sprinkled clues through, drawing me deeper into the lives of these characters. And just when I thought I had it figured out,  a twist (just like any good writer should) to make me wondering about my own thinking.

I also brought up my seeds, laid them out, and started the process of really organizing them. I’d be bit of a pack rat (a hoarder my wife says!) and seeds are no different. I pull no punches in saying there’s some scary crap out there and those who can grown their own food will be in a good position going forward. So, I figured a snow day is as good as day as any to figure out what I have, what I need, and start that process. Well, I filled three pages, front and back with the different varieties of veggies and flowers in my collection. I have 14 different kinds of tomatoes, and at least 5 packs of seed that I’ve saved from previous years. I have several types of melons, beans, herbs, and so forth. My wife tells me I need to reduce the size of my garden so we can travel more. Personally, I think I need to expand it more because crazy stuff is going on right now! Either way, it was nice to be able to methodically go through my collection with out thinking, “Crap, I have to put this way because people are coming over!”

Between the book, set in Beaufort, South Carolina and the thought of summer full of garden, it takes my mind off the crap that going on in my district and state. I’ll just leave it at that, because it’s been a tough week for teachers and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

So, to say I loved my snow day would be an understatement. Do I want more of them? No, because they are beginning to encroach on our daughter’s graduation. However, if this political climate of tomfoolery prevails, I may be praying more to the snow gods to do their thing! 

And besides, a good book and planning for the future, both are worthy of snow day time! 🙂