Hey readers! Long time, no blog! I’ve got a ton of topics, nothing hugely positive or uplifting:

  1. Almost positive change in coming in my professional life.
  2. Our state legislature is about to follow Kansas and number of other states down the “tax credits = economic growth” path.
  3. Our daughter has senioritis in ways I cannot begin to explain. She’s in trouble both at school and home. After a pretty good first semester, the last couple of week (yes, Christmas break included) have not been fun.
  4. Our other daughter signed a lease for an unfurnished apartment for next year (cheap furniture anyone?), and looked down her nose at our parenting style over Christmas break.
  5. Christmas was an interesting experience for us.
  6. I’ve got nothing for my #onelittleword. Everything I write seems trite and insincere.
  7. And we are MAP testing on a really full week.


So, rather than bore you death, I’ve got some of my students’ #onelittleword2018 to share:

Zaida and her word “strive”

J.K. and his word “work”

Allison and her word “acceptance”ย ย 

Asiah and her word “confidence”

Grace with her word inimitable

My students never fail to amaze me in terms of words they come up with and the ideas they have. This is the best overall group I’ve had in the three years I’ve started the little writing project!

So, there is hope out there. Just need a little perseverance to find it! ๐Ÿ™‚