Tis the season to be Grinchy.

I’m a “Thanksgiving is before Chirstmas, so keep your fa-la-las to yourself” kind of guy. The last couple of years, I opened up the Christmas music a little earlier, and tried to be a merrier person.

It just ain’t working.

I saw Chirstmas trees up before Halloween, commercials on the first of November, and the “stuff” out there way, WAY too early.

I’d like to say this early I can blow it off, to see the whole “reason for the season” and all those cheery little sayings.


Sometimes, you are just in a funk. The mojo is up and gone. Even this blog has suffered, with my writing happened about once a week.

We’ll keep pushing forward, falling forward, and trying to see the positives around me, because I know they are there.

Just don’t expect my Chirstmas tree up before December! 🙂