Yesterday, I posted a blog that I started on Saturday about a 100 day challenge. I had laid out some personal goals and felt good, going three of three with days of exercise. Nothing big and bad, but a couple of days of yoga (goodness that feels and painful as it looks), the 5 minute bursts, twice a day.

Then, last night, I get a welcome text to the 100 day challenge that was put on by Eric Thomas,


Then, I get the welcome emails.


With Equifax in the news, my worry was my credit information had been hacked. But how would they get my cell number?? So, I started looking at the invoice for all these emails, and it’s my name, but from North Liberty, Iowa.


My little brother, the PITA he is, reads my blog. He saw my previous post and said, “Merry Christmas” and set me up with the group. What. The. Hell.

We texted back and forth a bit, and what got me, was that he’s excited for me as to what could be happening over the now 96 day! Like I told him, I’m speechless at his generosity.

So, I’ve got 96 days to keep the promises to myself and to my brother to not let either one of us down, keeping that momentum going.

#makeithappen #100dayswithET