I’ve written before about Eric Taylor ( ). This man’s got the gift of inspiration, of being able to speak about life in a way that makes you want to go out and make it happen. I love watching his stuff, subscribe to his “Thank God It’s Monday” videos, and just believe he’s doing good work.

I recently found on his website a call for a 100 day challenge, as today is 100 days until Christmas. If I had the money, I would have signed up as the would be a great opportunity to see the interworking of his “Breathe University”, accountability calls, just some pretty cool stuff. However, getting us out of debt is more important, period.

However, why not create my own 100 day challenge right up to Christmas? So, that’s what I’m going to do.

In 100 Days:

  1. I will exercise 100 times. My weight is steady about 230, but needs to come down. Because of the cancer, the stroke, and the foot problems, I have been about as inactive as I’ve ever been. This has to stop. So, one of Eric’s friend’s who will be helping with this challenge is a Shawn Stevens, creator of “The Model Health Show”, a health related podcast and website. On his site, I found this gem, 5 Minute Fat Burners, so there’s where I’ll start. Yoga, biking, and swimming will be involved too. And since I started this on Saturday and it’s now freekin’ Monday, I can proudly say I’ve done those 5 Minute Fat Burners AND done yoga with my wife (my goodness my flexibility is gone!).
  2. I will lose 10 pounds. That goes without saying. My eating habits aren’t the best, but we eat a pretty healthy, slow food kind of diet. If I kick up #1, this one should be doable without question. 230 to 220 in 100 days is probably underestimating what I can do, but I also stress eat. I know this about myself, and some days it’s like an out of body experience: “Where did this box of Pop Tarts come from??” Ugh.
  3. Our “big” auto loans will be cut by 1/3. My wife changed jobs this summer, and hasn’t been paid a full check since the end of July, yet, were are able to make only dipping into the saving one (stupid brakes and tires!). We’ll pay off one loan, hopefully this month, then roll the money from that payment into the other loan. By Christmas, I want 1/3 of that loan paid off, 20, when the farm rent check comes in June, we can pay that vehicle off.
  4. We will get our passports. I don’t know where I want to go, I just know I want to go. With both daughters gone next fall, it’s our time to figure out what we want as a couple. One of the things we’ve talked about it traveling to Europe as AirB&B offers some pretty awesome places in Italy and Greece! 🙂

And that’s it. In the next 100 days, if I can exercise, lose 10 pounds, get some debt paid off, and get our passports, I will feel AMAZING about what 2018 can offer.

And tomorrow, we’ll get another blog in too!

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