It seems that the writing bug has bit a little harder than I once thought! I enjoyed my two days off (Saturday watching my youngest daughter sing at our small group contest, Sunday, just being relaxing Sunday), but kept coming back here, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

Friday night, we *gasp* went out with friends to a comedian in a local town and had a blast! We talked and laughed and it was just a great time for us. But as we walked out, we briefly caught the women’s game between UConn and Mississippi State game. UConn was down 3 in the second half, and I stopped to watch. My wife looks at me funny and I explain that UConn’s the owner of an 111 game winning streak. 111 games! We don’t have any cable/dish at our home, so it wasn’t until Saturday that I saw the shot that stunned the world! So today, I showed the kids so information about the UConn team. They’d won 108 of 111 games by at least 10 points, 61 of those games by at least 40 points. UCLA was the closest men’s basketball team to the UConn streak at 88 in a row. If you don’t like basketball, that kind of perfection, that kind of excellence is incredible! So, we talked about even if you don’t like basketball, the continued practice towards success is a lesson for all of us. We just don’t become good at anything without practicing and being positive. A great lesson in sportsmanship and positive attitude!

Our additional fun today, an unscheduled fire drill! Woo hoo!! We head outside, and it’s raining.


I had about five kids ask if this was scheduled to which I replied, “Of course, because we want to see what you look like with crazy hair.” *cue big sigh and eye roll* But they pressed me, and it wasn’t a scheduled, we were in the rain, and the kids start wondering what’s going on. So, we get moved into a place, not in the school, but out of the rain. Eventually, we get back into the school, and continued with the day, but found out that our unscheduled fire drill was done with a fire alarm being pulled.


So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings, but what a couple of days both for basketball and for the impulsive things kids to with no regard for the consequences!

Oh, look for us (my classes and I) as we create our Slice of Life tomorrow! 🙂