As I write this, I’m participating in one of my favorite Twitter chats: #moedchat

My online presence started with a challenge from a former superintendent to try social media over the summer and see what we thought. She was very persistent with her Twitter use, emailing us a lot with various educational goodies.

My first chat was with a 5th grade chat called #5thchat (go figure). I was hooked.

As I’ve spent time on Twiiter, I’ve met some awesome people and great educational leaders. I’ve had experiences that have changed the way I teach for the better, and I love the fact I can connect with so many people around the world.

But I know that I’ve got friends who started with Twitter only to get that “I must suck as a teacher because I’m not doing……”. And they don’t suck, that’s the problem. They are some of the most dynamic, caring, intelligent teachers I know. I will admit, I feel this way sometimes, that what I’m doing is so old school because I’m not familiar with the latest app or ed-lingo.

But, I digress. The Twitter chats you’ll find me in are Missouri edchat, Iowa edchat (#IAedchat), Minecraft (#minecraftEDU), and that’s about it for right now. I’ve scaled back my tweeting a lot this year, because it’s been a tough year!  However, if you’ve got a chat you take part in, feel free to share it with me.

And if you see me on Twitter, add me to your PLN and say hi. I’ll add you and say hi back, because I’m Iowa nice like that! 🙂