My word for today: Wandering.

I came across one of my favorite quotes comes from a poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings. It says, “not all who wander are lost,” and it’s one that’s stuck with me for quite a while.

For a long time, I felt that I needed a home, I needed roots to feel as though I wasn’t lost. We lived in Minnesota, Alaska, Missouri, then home to our “roots” in Iowa. We’ve been here for 17 years now, and I’m still feeling a need to wander.


We have each other, my wife and I do. We have our acreage, a little piece of heaven away from everything. We have our daughters who are (for the most part) beautiful, smart, and seem to do well. We both have jobs that pay us a decent salary. So what is it? Why do I have this desire to cash everything out, and teach English to the natives in some tropical country.

It could be the political climate. As a moderate Democrat, I cannot talk politics with anyone, not even my wife as she’s as stressed as I am. Between the national and state level tomfoolery that’s going on in the name of a “mandate”, I’m searching for calm inside of a political crap storm.

It could just be school. I’ve written about this before, so there no point laying it on thick, but it’s good we are almost to spring break.

It could be I miss basketball. For the last few weeks, basketball’s been able to stave off the foolishness that’s been going on in my mind. With the NCAA tournament upon us, that soon will be over. I’m not a bit NBA fan (#GoSpursGo), so by the end of the college season, it brings a bit of sadness.

So, my plan to ease this a little bit:

  1. Spring break: I plan on getting on the bike and getting outside, making sure I get seeds planted (tomatoes and a few others), and a book read.
  2. School: Planning out this crazy quarter and correcting papers. Plan in a couple hours of a to make sure this works.
  3. Chicks: I may be a little be ahead of schedule, but I can get a home ready for our chicks in the incubator. I’m hoping to get half of the eggs that are in it right now, so five babies. If I can get half of the eggs hatched, that’s a great success as we’ve never done this before! 🙂
  4. Treadmill: I’m going to start walking on the treadmill either before school or after. I’ve got to get some weight lost and some energy back in my batteries, and this is one way to get that done.

So, am I searching? Yes, even in a place that really enjoy, teaching in a school that’s awesome, I’m searching for what’s better. I commented on a student blog today how searching for the positives is a lot of work, but it’s good work. We should push ourselves each and every day, and never settle for being “rooted” but allow ourselves that opportunity to wander in our minds. We continue to seek out the good, the positive, and celebrate it whenever we find it.

It’s work all right, wandering, seeking, wanting more, but it’s work I need right now. 🙂