It’s been two days of going to bed after midnight, then up at the crack of dawn. Two days ago, we stayed up late making a cheesecake for our Brown Swiss Association “fun auction”. It was a turtle cheesecake, and it’s really good as I spent way too much money to purchase it back last night. At the banquet, our youngest daughter participated in the princess contest, and while she put forth a great effort, she was not chosen as she simply did not have the knowledge that the other girl had, a farm girl. We got home at 11:00 PM and our college girl was home, so we were up until after midnight talking, laughing, and just catching up!

So, my slice is short and sweet, as I’m going to go read a little bit, then bed! I see a Sunday sleep in on the horizon! 🙂

PS: April the Giraffe is a fun search as you can watch this giraffe on YouTube. My plan, have April and the Decorah Eagle cam up until all their babies are born/hatched! 🙂