Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tips are something I always look forward to. Many of his emails are used in class as we’ve got a challenging group with our 8th grade. This week’s tips are titled, “Giving and Taking – 5 Keys to Building a Relationship.” I’m not going to go into a lot of details about this article, but I encourage you to read it and share it. The information shared here just makes sense in many lives, including my own. The fourth one, “Give Now” just reminds me now is my time to live, and I cannot take any of this for granted. Between cancer and stroke, I’m trying to keep everything in a new perspective.

My favor: a teacher in our school asked me for a list of professional reading she’d seen me tweet out.  Apparently, I do tweet a lot, because I’ve got no clue what she’s talking about.



So, I started a Google Sheet with two recommendations from myself.  If you access this, please add to it, then share it on your own network! The more this gets out there, the more we can share the good reading on our profession.


Thank you, keep smiling, keep finding the good in all that’s around you. That will be the only way we can keep moving forward in both our professional and personal lives!