Somedays, the stars just align for our discussions.

We have what’s called out our “Kid of Character” award each month. We recognized those students who do the right thing, who work through hard times. Our principal talked with us about what those words mean and how we have to keep those in the back of our mind because they aren’t always right out there.

Tuesday, we watched these videos from Eric Thomas. If you don’t know Eric Thomas, again, google him or look him up on YouTube. An amazing speaker, with the message of positive energy and hard work. “You can never lose if you don’t quit” is one we talk about from time to time. The first video, Run It, he talks about his wife getting up, going to work while dealing with MS. He asks her why she does this, and she says to model what you do when things are hard. You don’t quit, you don’t stop trying you keep going. Later, his daughter shared that if she saw her mom getting up, going to work with a chronic illness, she could get up and go to class. That’s persistence and discipline at it’s finest!\

The next one comes from his series of videos, “Thank God It’s Monday!”.  In it, he talks to us about how “not all gifts come wrapped”.  The message, you can’t just quit if it gets hard. We all have a gift, and we need to use it.  You may fail once, ten times, one hundred times, but you need to keep going and keep moving forward.  My favorite line: “What is your why?” If you why is strong enough, you cannot be broken, but if your why is weak, you will quit. A GREAT feed into the idea of persistence and discipline because he talks about his own work and how he had to practice and practice to get it right.



Which leads to early Wednesday morning video that came across my Facebook feed from “People are Amazing”.

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First, I’d not seen “People are Amazing” before, so this is really cool! But beyond the crazy stuff they were doing, what a lesson in persistence and discipline!! We talked about how many of these people failed, and we never see that. We never seem them bloody, with scraped knees/elbows/bodies, we never see the band-aids, the ice packs, the sprained ankles, or anything of the other injuries they’ve had. We never them dust themselves off and try again. We only see the success.

So we watched a “fail” video too. 🙂

I asked them: “Are you willing to pick yourself up after your mom yells at you? After your teacher gets mad? After your friends walks off? Are you willing to dust yourself and try again?” I could see the wheels turning, and that’s all I wanted. They will be high school students is just over a semester and they have to see the importance of being persistent and having some discipline. They can’t run their mouths like some do, they can’t act they way they do because the high school teachers won’t tolerate. And they have to see that their persistence will pay off.

I went to the doctor twice this week, once for the surveillance results for the most current blood work and chest x-ray for my cancer, and I saw a speech pathologist because words don’t come as easily for me as they once did. I recognize this and want to be proactive. This is my dusting myself off moment, and I want to keep pushing forward. I keep pushing because of my wife, my daughters, my extended family, and I want to model for my own daughters and these kids what it’s like to keep going when life kicks you in the gut twice.

You get up, to dust off, and you keep going forward.