Yesterday was National Writing Day, and, of course, we changed our plans a bit yesterday to reflect that. I had my students do a Kid Blog about this topic, giving their blog the above mentioned hashtag.

Here’s a small sample of what was written:

“That’s the main reason I like to write, because i’m that creative kind of person, and I love making up stories.”

“I write because it’s the only way i’m able to get my feelings out. I find it hard to talk to people about my problems so I write my problems down.”

“So if you are having a hard time just write about it and someone will be there to read it and hear you, your very own story.”

“It inspires me to create fantasy stories that I can make however I want them to be and control the endings. ”

“Having a purpose to your writing is very good to have.”

“I write because my teacher makes me.”


That last one was pretty common, but for many of my students who wrote it, they also added another reason why they write.

For me, if they are writing, teacher directed or not, that’s what I want. And I was pleasantly surprised how many actually do a little writing on their own. Better writers = better thinkers = better readers = more informed citizens = healthy society.

We just need to keep the ball rolling, that’s all!

Check out our student writing here!