I’ve got 5,081 followers on Twitter. How that number ever came to be, I have no idea. I’m simply a guy, trying to do the best he can in a job he’s not always very good at. Nothing more, nothing less. But with social media, I can project my attitude and thoughts a little further than the people in my building (many of whom would be saying “Thank goodness” right about now).

For a while, I thought that was pretty awesome, having people listening to the things I was saying, but the problem is, is anyone really out there? I’ve asked questions before and it seems like the question just echoed out there, unanswered. I’ve watched as people I connected with have come and gone. It’s wearing on me a little bit more getting me thinking about the size that this monster has become. No, I’ll never be an “edu-allstar” or an “edu-celebrity”, and that’s ok. I just want to have some trusted connections who don’t mind my quirky side of things, who don’t mind my love to educational chats, and who don’t mind my enjoyment of things OTHER than education that make their way onto my feed.

So, I’ll start weeding. I’ve got a website to show me who are those who’ve not tweeted in over a year, then, we’ll see.

It may sound like I’m down on social media, and in some ways I am. Some people have moved to other platforms, which is fine.  Maybe I’ve just fallen behind the times, which is probably true as I’m just not able to focus on this as much.  And maybe I’m just getting old. Who knows? Whatever it is, I’m just not seeing the huge benefit of social media that I once did. Yes, I need to keep doing it,  but at what cost?

Maybe paring this down a bit will be exactly what I need.

And if not, I could also just quit it all and see what happens…….

#naw 🙂