That’s all I’ve got right now is ugh.

I had somewhat high hopes for this summer, but yet realistic ones. I have one daughter who wants to work all the hours humanly possible to buy a *insert some kind of teenage crap thing here*, another daughter who has graduated and is ready to move on, and a wife who’s working full time with a 60 mile round trip drive daily. I get that there were going to be challenges.

I didn’t plan on the curve ball (pun intended) that was thrown at me in late May, which kind of screwed us out of much of June.

But I just cannot find a groove to save my soul right now, and it’s frustrating. I need to start exercising, but find myself just kind of blah about it. I know this is the time that my grandfather started having heart issues, and that my own father went on blood pressure medications. There are plans to be made for school, but I’m in the same mind set of blah about that too.  Just teaching 8th grade, I want to make sure that my plan is more set up, a more detailed, and that I’ve got more pre-planning into what I want done.

But for whatever reason, that drive is just lacking, and I’m not sure where it’s gone. Family issues (lot of changes), school issues (even more changes), money issues (who needs it), it’s all playing a part, I know this for certain, but how to make positive changes, that’s the question I’m lying awake at night thinking about. How could I create a positive outcome? Am I the problem with all this?


And this is posted on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Just another “nice one, big guy” to add to the list.