My plan was to write a reflection on this month’s worth of blogs, just to go back and see what it is that I’ve become as a writer.


In taking part in #moedchat tonight (HIGHLY recommended for those of you on the Twitters out there), the night was more an open forum, asking the question: #whatif dealing with school, students, teacher, professional development, or any goofy subject thrown out during the chat! 🙂

So, here are a few of my #whatif statements:

#whatif we were able to play to student passions instead of the standards that need to be met?

#whatif we showed students that a two year degree isn’t a bad thing?

#whatif students came to school to worry about what they were going to do and not worry about who was aiming to bring them down?

#whatif we added real teeth to bullying legislation, showing we DO want a safe environment?

#whatif school was a place where students could learn a trade instead of math algorithms?

#whatif school wasn’t a political tool, but viewed as a place of learning?

#whatif an Edcamp model was able to applied to school?

There were so many more that happened during this chat! I encourage you to check out the hashtag to see what else was asked during this intense, but exciting chat!

And to finish up, what’s your #whatif question you’d have about education?