Yes, I have NCAA brackets.

Four of them.

I’m a sad, sad person. 😉

To be honest, the madness has subsided considerable from my youth. Then I would pour over USA Today’s special NCAA section, looking for any clue that I could find which would give me an edge. True, the amount of information that is out there today is astounding, but for a 13 year old, having three different papers in front of me, all with different stats about players and teams? Priceless. However, now, I’m much more relaxed about the whole process. I still look at USA Today, just do it online now.  I love Yahoo’s format where it gives me a more clear picture on who other users are picking.  ESPN goes one further, looking at historical data to “help” you with your bracket.

I never won a pool in my youth, though I was in my dad’s school pool for years! My highest finish was second, which I though was pretty dang good! At school, I’ve managed to win the pool once, with a couple of second/third place finishes, enough to make me keep coming back for more.  And how do I deal with this basketball madness? I don’t! I enjoy it, savor every game, and every stupid foul.  The sound of the ball on the floor, cry of the crowd at a bad call, the scowl of the head coach, I love it!  When it’s gone, I root for my San Antonio Spurs, but the professional game just doesn’t match up the NCAA. The passion these kids (and coaches) display has to be exhausting, but this is their time.

Yes, I’m a sad person. I’ll be up late watching basketball, probably the next few nights. But this is one of those things that make me who I am, a love for the game of basketball. Some people have flowers, other NASCAR. Me? I hoop and en empty gym and I’m happy.

As I write this, Yale just beat Baylor….stupid overrated Big 12 teams!! When will I ever learn??

However, Cinderella just made her grand entrance to the Big Dance. How sweet it is! 🙂