I’m a book collector. Each time that I head into a book store, I cannot help purchasing something. The bookshelf in our bedroom is full of books about any number of topics: fiction, non-fiction, old picture books, and notebooks of basketball type plays and quotes.

A purchase that I made in 2009 was The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die by John Izzo. I know the date it was purchased because as I opened it a couple of weeks ago, the receipt was still in it.


As a teacher, I don’t get a lot of time to read, so much of my reading either happens at bedtime, winding down for the night. I’d gone through my pile and found this one buried and just thought it would be a good time to read it. I’m almost 45 and at the point in life where previous generations in my family started having health issues. It just struck me as a good read before this birthday coming up.

The book itself is based around the author interviewing 235 people, ages 59  to 105.  They were asked a series of life types of questions, “What brought happiness”, “What gave life meaning”, those types of questions. I’ve only gotten two chapters in, so I’m not sure of the five things yet! 🙂  However, I can tell two of the secrets: be true to yourself and have no regrets.

For me, I love the conversations had inside this book, but also the questions left at the end of the chapter:

– How do I want to be more courageous tomorrow/next week?

– How am I responding to setback? Am I stepping forward or retreating?

– Was I the kind of person I wanted to be this week?

– What would make tomorrow/next week feel more like my kind of week?

(You get the idea!)

I’m encouraged to continue to read this simply because I need to be encouraged. I’m not feeling good about growing older and I do feel as though I’m searching right now for something. Not sure what it is, but my reading seems to aim me that direction.

Of course, the next book on my list is The Hobbit, so many I am ready to go on an adventure! 🙂