When our slicing gets done, this is where my “Friday Thoughts” would go. I did that last week and the title got a bit long! 🙂

Well, after 10 days straight of blogging, I hit a “blah” wall of watching no words popping up on my screen.  It seems a number of Slicers have hit that wall, so I’m not feeling quite so bad. Along with this, many of my students today gave me the “but I don’t have anything to write about” as they laid on the floor and cried like three year olds (ok not really).

So what does one do when the words don’t come like a river, but more like a little dribble in a dried up stream bed?  Well, I tell my students to look at the “Inspiration Poster” we made at the beginning of the year and if that doesn’t work, go here for a group of narrative prompts to use.

Me, I just keep writing. The words struggle onto my screen, like snail running a 50 yard dash, or me running a 5K, both painfully slow. But if you don’t keep going, then the word’s come at more painfully slow pace. What’s a writer to do??

So I keep writing. One does not simply stop writing because the words don’t flow. As I tell my students: the words are there, it’s your job to find them and get them going towards the final goal.  Sometimes, herding those words onto the screen in an organized fashion is like herding cats, or sixth graders. Today is one of those days, with words trying to scamper off before I can get them into use.

But, in the end, they seem to line up, not in a great order, but one that makes a little bit of sense and gives my reader the impression that another word battle has been won. No, it’s not always like this, but some days, you just take the good with the bad! 🙂