Usually this is a pretty positive Friday post, and maybe it will turn out that way, I’m not totally sure right now! 🙂

This week, Sunday through today, has been an absolute mess of activities and all sorts of happenings.  Sunday, I had the chance to finally spend an hour with the marvelous people of #iaedchat talking about time management.  I’m not sure if I left feeling better or worse about myself, but anytime I can be part of that group, it’s never a bad thing.  Management of my time has always, ever since I can remember, been a problem.  While we have new techie ways of doing things, it comes down to the ability to limit distractions, and … oh look, a squirrel!  See what I mean?!?!? 🙂

This week we had this:

  • Acidemic issues requiring after school study sessions
  • Honor choir (home after 10 PM)
  • Senior night/last home swim meet (home after 10)
  • Van vs. deer incident
  • ALICE training/fire drill at school (crazy students)
  • Meeting after meeting after meeting
  • Finishing a building project on our home

Two days, I left the house at 6:30 AM not to return until after 10:00 that night.  I know my situation isn’t that much different than a lot of people, but wow.  The mental highs and lows of this week have left me in that “what’s going to happen next” mind set.  I can see how adrenal fatigue can become a problem with people because that’s where I feel like I’m at right now.  And we are coming up on parent teacher conference, end of the quarter, and basketball starting up too.  And I teach too??

How do we deal with this? Just keep on keeping on.  This weekend, I’ll paint, I’ll mow, and I’ll garden, maybe helping make more salsa or canning tomatoes. Then, school work.  Next week won’t be so hectic, I hope.

And let’s hope we don’t have another van vs. deer event either! 🙂