A couple of weeks ago my superintendent, @duanewillhite, began following me.  It’s a scary thing, have both of your bosses following you, but I’ve gained a new respect for both Mr. Whillhite and my principal, Mr. Gearhart (@nfvgearhart) as they stayed the night during our recent sixth grade campout.  To have that kind of support on an activity we value feels good, and I do appreciate more than either could realize.

As with many of my new follows, I like to have a look at their profile page, and Mr. Willhite is no different. I love seeing what they feel is important, what they find value in, and how it aligns to my own beliefs.  I found this article

Branstad advocates for school choice


This is the same man who, on July 2, before a holiday, vetoed $56 million dollars in educational funding.  Now, this wasn’t a huge amount of money, hardly a drop in bucket in terms of the overall budget.  Yet, here’s this same man, now willing to pledge his support to “try to boost funding next year for a tax credit supporting scholarships for low-income students attending private schools if state finances allow for an increased investment.”


In tweeting out the above story, Mr. Willhite also used the hashtag #truecolors which I agree with fully. We now fully know this man is NOT willing to create a “world class” educational system here in Iowa.  The problem is, he’s within one vote of having a rubber stamp to do as he pleases.  In the Sentate, the Democrats hold a 26 – 24 advantage.  If this disappears, major changes would be in the works for Iowa education, changes I don’t think would benefit our students in the least.


We as a group of educators need to organize, now.  It’s time to find, interview, research, and get the word out on those candidates who are friends of public education.  It’s time to write letters, make phone calls, send emails, put up signs, and just be active.  Too long we’ve sat back.  We can not longer afford to do so.  If the train wreck that is Wisconsin shows us anything, it’s that we can’t wait until something is being done to our profession that we love.  We have to be the ones getting the word out about those candidates who will help our schools continue to evolve into the schools we want, not just those we have.

So what will you do?  Will you sit on the sidelines or will you join those in your profession stepping up this political season? Are you willing to live with the consequences of your choices?  Will your own children or your grandchildren be willing to live with them? Should they be?


Thanks for the follow, Mr. Willhite.  And thank you for sparking this this blog! 🙂