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Tonight, we tried our first “Literacy Open House”, similar to a open house we had last year with math.  All of our elementary teachers worked on some kind of literacy topic, preparing a 15 minute presentation that would hold three times.  I created a  presentation about online resources and we had topics ranging from fluency to comprehension to fun ways to read.

I had four people show up for three sessions.


m not always a good public speaker, I get excited about being able to show parents the wealth of online resources that are out there for their kids.  I feel like Charlie Brown during Halloween: “I got a rock.”

However, all is not lost. Why you might ask?  Because, I got four people to learn about awesome free stuff that out there.  That’s four parents who can go home and help their son or daughter with literacy.  No, it’s not many, but it’s a start.  I’m sure as we reflect about the low turn out, we’ll come up with some new ideas on how to hook people in.  These aren’t the types of things that parents get excited about and we’ll do a few things different.

That being said, we have a staff who created some great presentations, who worked hard to make it happen.  That, to me, is an eduwin if I ever heard one.  Next year, we’ll have a few more.  We’ll get to that place we want to be, but it just take time and a willingness to try to be different.

Now, I get go home and enjoy a three day weekend because our football team is in the state championship game tomorrow afternoon!

#GoTigerhawks! 🙂