I didn’t get my post up yesterday because I was with my family on our first college visit. That made me feel very old, very quickly watching all this teens and early 20somethings running around, having the times of their lives.

However, as we toured the engineering buildings (my oldest is thinking about computer or software options) and I watched the young women and men interacting with us old farts, it struck me, this is ok. It’s quite on for me to feel old because they are growing up.

We all fight that idea of age in many different ways: clothes and creams, exercise and eating habits, or for some muscles cars! 🙂 However, it happens to all of us. Like my girls growing up, I’m moving past my prime, and there’s nothing wrong with that. No, I’m not getting our the walker and filling the house with cats (yet), but I’m also reevaluating what “young” means. This last year, we’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, biked all over, and just done some fun, awesome things! My life is far from over!

So my happy thought, growing up, growing older, it’s all part of the the grand design! I’m not done yet, that’s for certain and I look forward to seeing what and where my daughters end up! 🙂