I should be doing grades, but this has been building for a while now.


I’ve been actively blogging and on Twitter, trying to keep myself connected with what’s important in education.  I’ve worked to get technology seamlessly into our classroom, just an extension of what we do.    I’ve modeled that idea of “life long learning”,  increasing my own learning via Twitter, connecting with some incredible people, people who are true inspirations to me in my classroom.


The last couple of weeks, I’ve left various chats feeling not upset, but just not right.  Tonight, during #IAedchat, I finally just clicked out.  Why?  I’m not sure and that’s the problem.  Much of it comes from the “current reality” vs. “desired reality” that I’m going through.  Sure, my classroom is connected, but so what? What have we gained from this?  We blog, but it’s the same battles getting papers turned in as it is with blogs.  I’m frustrated with myself as a teacher not being able to impact students the way that I see others doing so in many of the classrooms people talk about.


I’m not sure how to do things differently, but something needs to change.  I can’t go back from not being connected, not seeing the world as I do now, yet, seeing the world as I do now points out so many shortcomings that I have as a teacher.  It’s just hard to look at yourself in a lens that does not show you in a flattering light, like those carnival mirrors.  Suddenly, I’m feeling short and fat….wait, that’s all ready true! 🙂


Anyway, I may need to take a step back away just to reevaluate just what it is I want here.  I’m not sure if that’s the best plan, but right now it’s the only one that I have.