Duh, I’ve been writing this for over two years, and this thunderbolt just struck me as we are sitting in a meeting talking about the struggles of our school right now: I’ve got questions, why not ask someone via my blog??


Our school’s financial situation isn’t great and was dire last year.  Due to this, we’ve cut all of our sections, K – 6, from two sections to one.  All of our classrooms have gone from around 15 students to classrooms of 28 – 30 students now.  The dynamics of our classrooms have changed considerably, and not entirely in a great way.  Much comes from the fact that personalities that were separated are now all together, feeding off of each other.


So my question to those of you who large class sizes are a norm: What strategies do you use in your classrooms?  What have you found that is successful? What have you maybe done that isn’t successful?  Any advice that you can throw out there for me to take back to my staff would be awesome!   If you are a parent of a child in a large classroom, what things have you taught your own children about being a learning in this group?  How have you dealt with them when they’ve been drawn into some of the silliness?  What have you seen the teachers doing that you’ve thought, “Wow, what a great idea!”  If you’ve got things/ideas/strategies that you’ve seen in practice that are working, please share.


I appreciate the fact you are taking the time to read this, and if you have a comment or something to share, even better.  From our staff and myself:


Thank you.