One my friends, someone I’ve know for a while now, is now my principal.  Now, I can’t give names or anything like that, but I know she reads this blog, so I can write whatever I want here without being too sneaky!

When you think about administrators, the ones you know make a difference, you always have that someone you know. My first someone is Vikki.  She was my administrator in Missouri, and she was a ball of fire.  She drove the district I was in like a well oiled machine, pushing us, challenging our thinking, and if need be, helping people realize that maybe this district wasn’t for them.  However, in all her spunk and fire, the woman had a heart of gold.  She was a champion for literacy, for getting to know each student, and for education as a whole.  Whenever I feel I’ve let a student down, I feel like I’ve let Vikki down as well, even though I’ve not taught for her in 15 years.  Three years ago, she welcomed our family into her home as we vacationed down in Florida and I found that while the hair color has changed a bit, the fire was as strong as ever.  Each year, I write her at the beginning of the school year, just to say hi and let her know she mattered and still does matter in my life.

My “new” administrator was my teaching partner for the first 10 years at my current district.  As I got here, she was just finishing her administrative certification and I remember how proud she looked when she could finally say “I’m done!”  She interviewed for a couple of positions and eventually came to the realization that where ever she was at, whether in the office or in the classroom, she was going to be happy.  Watching her, I know that was not an easy path, but one that has lead to her being a stronger person all the way around.

As our district and our neighboring district begin the first of three years in a whole grade sharing agreement, I know I speak for many people in saying I’m happy she’s our principal.  She thinks thinks like an administrator, yet, understands all too well the trials and tribulations we’ll be going through as a staff.  She’ll be there to gently guide us in the right direction, yet, also knows that’s the direction she’d want to be guided if in the classroom.

I’m nervous about this year for so many reason, but I’m not nervous about who will be leading us.  I know I’m proud that she’s taken this on, and many others are as well.  It’s interesting to think about how she and Vikki might interact together, and while their styles would be different, the overall outcome, a passion for education, shines through no matter what!