Today I had a rare thing happen: two hours of time to myself! My oldest daughter is starting swim practice, which is in Decorah, thus a 30 minute drive, not always a lot of fun.  However, Decorah is also the home of the Trout Run Trail, this awesome 12 mile trail around town, so I brought my bike to ride, a treat for myself!


Normally my rides are on roads, so I leave the music at home, but because this way pretty much all trail riding, I brought my iPod and two episodes of the Edu All Stars (@eduallstarsHQ) podcast with Amber Teamann (@8Amber8) and Adam Bellow (@adambellow).  Wow is all I can say! I kept riding after my first loop because I didn’t want to miss anything! What I took away from both awesome speakers is the fact that we as educators need to find our voice and tell our story.


The best part, as I listened to both talk, it just made me want come back and keep telling my story here.  It’s silly, doesn’t always make sense, and is sometimes jumbled, but what it, what if someone’s reading this and it hits home, helps them to solve a problem they’ve been working on?  Or what if my dorky post makes someone laugh during a junky day?  Then these words are well worth the small amount of time I’ve spent putting them together.


So, much to my dismay, I’ll keep writing, telling this story of a conflicted teacher.  It’s not a bad gig, and who knows, maybe someday my words will lead to something better! 🙂