Wow, as I got ready to write, I noticed that I was at post 150.


Good grief.


150 times I’ve sat down at this computer and started writing something?  Wow.  How many other times have I sat down, written something then deleted it? Too many to count.  And as a blogger, what have I learned?


1) Just write!

I’ve found that I love to write. No, I’m not very good at it and my four followers will tell you that. But I enjoy it, I really do. I love that I can put my ideas out there and for someone, they take traction, helping them accomplish a goal or pushing them towards creating a new one.  I love that people read this, period.  It’s a voice for a small town  teacher, someone who loves his job, and loves living in some of the most beautiful country in the world, but lives literally in the middle of no where!


2) Don’t worry about the topic!

I’ve written about cows, basketball, my garden, my kids, my wife, my students, my co-workers, and many other topics.  Not once has anyone said “that’s stupid”.  True, most of my posts have an educational hook to them (think this one will too?), but when I write, I don’t worry so much about the topic as I know I can bring it around to where I need it to be.  I just need to create words on the page, and let the writing part just happen.


3) Blogging is scary!

At number 150, I still get the same nervous feels as I did with number 1, probably more so!  When I first started writing, I knew no one was reading, now, it’s a crap shoot as to if I have someone reading or not.  Either way, this type of writing, something that’s seen by many people is scary!  I’ve read so many awesome blogs by incredible teachers and wonder why I even do this.  Then I remember my students. If I expect them to blog, to be putting their own work out, then I need to set that example myself.


And finally – – –


4) It’s a way to make a difference!

While my difference may not be seen or known, I know that my writing helps.  Whether it’s helping me in getting my own thoughts in order inside my head or helping a co-worker see that this can be done, it’s making a difference.  My students have commented in class their parents read my blog and talk about it from time to time.  Wow, talk about making a difference?!?! To have parents talking about something I’ve written?  It’s exciting and scary and awesome all at the same time!


All in all, this is something that I’d never planned on doing, blogging (and tweeting for that matter), but now that I’m up to my neck in it, I can’t imagine NOT doing this.  No, my topics aren’t always earth shattering and no, my blog is hardly a technological masterpiece, but it’s me: down to earth, quietly observing, keeping things pretty close to home, but willing to try.


So, if you’ve got a co-worker who’s on the fence about blogging, show them this.  It’s not rocket science, it’s just a matter of keeping yourself honest about what you are all about.  I think we can all do that pretty well.  The writing part, well, it happens.  As you’ve heard before, it’s not so much the end product as it is the process that matters.  This process has taken me many places, and yet, I keep coming back for more!


And I’m hardly a writer! 🙂