Last week I took a class on improving oral fluency as part of my read endorsement. They were the nicest three days of the summer and I was stuck in a closed room with the AC running constantly. On top of that, I just looked at this as my jumping through another hoop to get another piece of paper.




However, it was somewhat of a shock that I enjoyed this class.  Why?  We had no name tags so we had to learn the names of our classmates, we had in depth conversations about how we evaluate communication skills, we interacted with each other, and the best part, we laughed.  A lot.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had a class where I feel like I could go and talk with any of the teachers later on about education.  Usually, class is coming in, writing my name on a name tag, and not doing much talking beyond that.  I just felt as though we were truly communicating with each other not at each other.


How does this transfer to the classroom? How do you have your students communicate? Do they talk with each other or at each other? How do they question each other? How do you question them? Is it a dialog or  a discussion?  Just great questions that we had posed to us during those days.


AND, in 7 hours of driving during those three days, I had a chance to catch up on some education podcasts.  Two podcasts that I’ve recently started listening to are Techlandia (@Techlandia) which is a true ed-tech podcast.  They have have a guest and will talk about different apps, Twitter users they like, and just have a great time doing it!  The other one is called EduAllStars (@EduAllStarsHQ), a podcast dealing more with the power people of education right now.  Both have served to help get me excited for the upcoming school year and how I can help my students continue to find their voice and the passion.


So, not a bad few days by any stretch! 🙂