As vacations go, this one has been pretty cool so far. We’ve been able to get to the Field Museum, Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Willis (Sears) Tower, and take out first water taxi in Chicago. We’ve traveled to St. Louis and hit the Science Center and tried the Art Museum, but got turned away because an accident had knocked out power. The Arch, zoo, and St. Louis Fair are all still in the works.

All this time I’ve tweeted something from here of there as time (and wifi) have allowed because I enjoy this form of social media and because I’ve created that relationship with many followers that I feel I can share! Well, today, that took a different meaning, and in a good way!

We got here last night and found that a musical group, Brave Combo, would be playing at a place called “The Old Rock House”. The history behind the place is pretty cool, but it’s still a concert that starts at 8:00 PM, so we had doubts about taking our daughters. So I tweeted a teacher friend who’s husband is from the St. Louis area about this place. Sadly, he didn’t know anything, but the next thing I know, I get a tweet from the actual business encouraging us to bring our kids (13 and 15) to the show as it’s an all age show. So I reply back, and that reply gets favored by the band’s twitter account! Are you kidding me?? 🙂

So that leads me to the obvious question, why isn’t every single teacher on Twitter? Every. Single. One. This is no longer the medium of the rich and famous nor the young and clueless! No, this is for everyone! Imagine a classroom where questions are tweeted out and the answers came from the four corners of the globe? Or how the communication takes place on a personal level in a manner that breaks those stereotypes talked about in my last blog? Or where students have that chance to interact more closely with a professional, someone they can ask career questions to? It’s happening, I see it in my PLN, but don’t your kids and mine and those across the world deserve better?

When we get done with this concert tomorrow night, we’ll be tired but humming the tunes of Brave Combo all the way home. Without social media I don’t think that would happen. How much humming is going on in your classroom? How much could be?