Not really an educational post, but something tugging at my heart lately.


I’ve slacked off this week for the simple reason that life is getting in the way of my writing (if you call this writing).  School is getting nuts because quite frankly, we need a plan and are struggling to come up with one.  Our elementary is going to single section (as far as we know) and that’s spooking a lot of people.  Our middle school is excited, yet nervous about programing, and our high school is in a state of mourning.


Anyway, as I look at my life right now, it’s crazy, hectic, and down right scary in many ways.  I struggle with keeping all things going in the right direction and feel overwhelmed by much of it.  However, a close friend of mine from college sent me a message on Facebook that another very close friend and his wife were going to be getting a divorce.  Wow.  Talk about putting things into perspective.  These are friends we’ve had since the early 1990’s, people we’ve made some traditions with over the years, and to hear that they are on the rocks gives me pause.


Are we doing so much, that we forget about what’s truly important in our lives?  I look at my own kids: next year will be the first ever that both will not be at the same school with me.  That scares me for any number of reasons, but it means she’s growing up.  After next year, both will be going to high school in a place where I don’t know the teachers, the building, the other students, none of it.  I’m not one to be overly controlling, but that takes my girls away from me, putting their social/educational/mental well being in the hands of people I don’t have any relationship with.  Plus, I’ll be losing that time with them in the morning and afternoon, they’ll be going in a different direction then I will be.  That car time has been the source of many good conversations and more laughter then I care to imagine!


My wife and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary this March, and I look at how this job pulls me away from her.  How many times have I been late because of something going on here?  How many times have I pulled out school work at night or on the weekend?  We have a good relationship with each other, but yet, what has been taken away by the constant pull of school?


Am I over thinking much of this? Certainly.  Today, my daughters and I left home early to get donuts for my class, and we laughed and smiled and talked the entire way to the store, then to school.  My wife and I spent last Saturday night out getting pizza, then just hanging out together.  But as I think about my friends, we as a family need more of this, more of that time where the worries of school, work, and all that are put aside, if only for a few hours.


And I ask you: go hug your significant other, tell them you love them, and find a way to connect again.  Force the issue, because we only get this one chance at life, and we are all responsible for living it to the best of our abilities.  Somedays, the school work can wait! 🙂