Every since I’ve started this blog, I’ve referenced the fact that our district is in trouble budget-wise.  I’ve long thought that my job would be on the line as well simply because our elementary is the last place to cut.  We’ve got many two section classrooms with classes of 33 students.  I know it’s not all that uncommon to see classes this size in other places.  No, it’s not good for kids, not in the least, but yet it’s the only place left as all other places have been cut or our board refuses to cut other places.

Well, it has begun.  As I was driving to class Friday, I received a text from a co-worker asking, “Did you get an e-mail this afternoon?”  Crap.  So when I arrived to class, I checked email, and sure enough, there is was.

Now, I don’t know what the conversation will be.  As friend of mine said, “It’s not cut and dried.”  But when the words “reduction in force” are used, you have to start to assume that this will not be good.  Along with this email, there was a meeting Thursday night where it was stated that our school would be cutting “cutting staff 6-8 people regardless of whole-grade sharing.”

So, there we are.  I’m writing this during a break in a class I’m taking towards a reading endorsement, something I’ve been working through to begin with, but now holds more importance because most jobs now require this.  I’m could be possibly looking for those jobs.  We’ll see where this all takes me, and we’ll see how all this “one door closes, another door opens”, “stay positive” stuff really works.