The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

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October 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Iowa style

My wife has family who live out in Silver Springs, MD, and we've been worried about them the impending doom of this "megastorm" as it's so dramically being put.  We'll I sent a quick email to say yes, we are... Continue Reading →

Don’t Say Anything At All

As one of those quiet people who likes to sit back and people watch, I'm always amazed at what is viewed as acceptable behavior, both by students and adults.  Most students, I'll call them out on it in a heartbeat.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Not Being Noticed

Teaching at a small school does have it's perks: you know everyone, there are very few secrets, and you get the chance to teach your own children. I taught my oldest daughter as a sixth grader.  She's a beautiful, smart,... Continue Reading →


It's another Monday here in Iowa. Whoo hoo!  As I start to write, I think back to Friday night.  Nothing spectacular happened, but my oldest daughter and I got silly watching dumb remixes of videos on YouTube.  One of her... Continue Reading →

I Blinked

There are those days where I consider shutting down this blog, cutting the Twitter and Facebook and turning my back on social media. This is an outlet for me, a way that I can express as positively as I can... Continue Reading →

Efficiency or Understanding?

UPDATE: This was posted two days ago, and because of some feedback, I had made the decision to pull it down.  Today (10/11/12) I blogged about the fact that I "blinked". However, I had some great feedback given, and because... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Positive Role Model

As I've said before my oldest daughter took a major leap of faith, joining a swim team where she knew a grand total of one person.  She was a breath away from not swimming, but looked at herself, and this... Continue Reading →

A New Month

October, when a child's thoughts turn to football, jumping in piles of leaves, and Halloween candy.   October, when a teacher's thoughts turn to end of the quarter assessments, parent teacher conferences, and tweeking the routine set up.   As... Continue Reading →

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