Some days, don’t you just wish:

– educational policy talks centered around what was truly “best for kids”?

– those policy makers actually had experience in a classroom?

– school’s came with a bunk house?

– eating healthy at school wasn’t viewed as a bad thing?

– students all were read to, everyday, from day one?

– what was legible to students was legible to you?

– that is wasn’t always about money?

– reading a book was an experience all children could enjoy?

– hyper positivity could be toned down, just every once and a great while?

– technology were something all teachers could look at and think “what if”?

– school was celebrated?

– finding time to exercise wasn’t like finding a needle in a haystack?

– respect wasn’t something that had to be “taught”?

– you could capture a classroom’s spark, and save it for those days they really needed it?


Just a few random thoughts. Not a positive vibe I know, but some days, it’s just hard to feel positive about everything.