A while back, I wrote about a friend of mine from Missouri who was killed in 2010 (http://wp.me/p1Mpsc-e).  Well, her Facebook page remains active with those who will wish her well on various special days, and last week happened to be her birthday.  As I was looking at the well wishers, I came across a name that I’d recognized as someone Twitter kept “suggesting” to me.  Well, being nosy, I sent this person a tweet just curious about her relationship with this old friend, and was surprised to find it was her daughter!  I was able to share both the above mentioned blog, and a few other memories, and hopefully make a painful day a little less so.


As I continue down this form of social media, it’s about connections, period.  I can look through my list of followers or who I’m following, and many, I can say there is a connection of some sort.  It could be as simple as talking about school problems or sharing ideas up to making that first Tweet-up.


If you are a Twitter veteran or rookie, it makes very little difference if you don’t find the way to make those connections personal and meaningful.  If we can do that, creating those connections locally becomes easier and easier!  Our students will certainly gain from those connections, being allowed to communicate with different classrooms via Mystery Skypes, Tweets, or blogs.  The ripple effect is huge, but you have to allow yourself those chances to make them.


I took that chance, and I know of one more follower I have with whom I have a connection, and that makes me smile to no end.