The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

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June 2012

Where information overload leads me

June has been as busy a month for professional development that I've ever had, period.  A the beginning of the month, I spent time in St. Louis at PLC training. The following week, my teaching partner and I presented about... Continue Reading →

Why do I blog??

Tough question right off the bat! As I started this blog, now close to a year ago, there's been this evolution of the "why" of this blog. First, as I dove up to my elbows in Twitter, I saw everyone... Continue Reading →

A week of “firsts”

As I've spoken of in my other writing, we have four brown swiss on our little acreage, and my daughters have started to show them at fairs around the area.  Well, getting these cows  was the first "first" talk about.... Continue Reading →

Precious time

If I were a good blogger, I'd have some picture of a clock or some snappy cartoon.  Bah! 🙂   I'm writing this one on the fly today.  Today's been a mishmash of swear words strung together as nouns and... Continue Reading →

Reflections of a techie: Keystone Technology Conference 2012

Hello friends, it seems like I've been away from this too long! The last two days, I've spent running around the beautiful campus of Upper Iowa University, located in Fayette, Iowa.  Now, before you go looking on your map, Fayette... Continue Reading →

PLC Training – Day 3

I've had to put this day off simply because I've just been trying to catch up with everything at home. An 8 hour van ride with crazy fun people, then church, a salad lunch, watching my daughter play basketball, and... Continue Reading →

Teacher’s Write Post: Friday Writing Happy Hour

Whew! The first week of our "Teacher's Write Camp" is done, and it's been interesting to say the least!   For myself, I wrote a little bit, probably not as much as I'd like, but I've been at a training... Continue Reading →

PLC Training – Day 2

I write this after having the chance to see the inside of Busch Stadium for the first time.  So awesome! I love live Major League Baseball for the atmosphere alone. I'm a Cubs fan, so going into St. Louis territory... Continue Reading →

PLC Training Day 1 – Overview

Walking into the convention center, you could tell that there was an excitement in the air.  That many teachers (1,400) gathered for a singular purpose is going to generate an energy like that.  It's the first day of Solution Tree's... Continue Reading →

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