Today, I leave for St. Louis and the PLC conference taking place there.


I’m so very excited to get to the city and visit with teachers who are liked minded about making change in their districts.  I’ll be a single section teacher this year, and just that time to talk with other will be very important to me.  Ever since I volunteered to go, it’s been on my mind.


However, today our principal emailed us something with the title “PLC Leaders”. Yikes! My apprehension comes from every time I’ve put myself out there to be a leader, something has happened whether it’s the group was disbanded or religated to obsurity, it makes for someone who’s hesitant to be a leader, want to try that again!


Yet, here I go, putting my neck out there again. You’d think I’d learn to just stick my head in the sand, to let things go by.  But as time goes on, the less I feel I can do that. No, I’m not volunteering to run the school, but yet, as  teammate, I bring many things to the table. So, I’ll be in St. Louis, tweeting and probably writing a blog entry on the astounding amount of information I’ve taken in.


And I’ll be trying that leadership role on again