For today, we are being asked to do a quick write about a very specific place. Mine is my acreage, my little piece of heaven.


As I walk out the side door, I struck with the color. The still brilliant red and white of the shed, the two colors mixing in the sunlight to form an almost blinding combination.  Green. Not just grass green, but vibrant, new, and deep. A green that signals the arrival of summer.  I turn my head to the left, and our daisy garden is awash in whites and yellows. Daisies have flooded the garden with their fragile, yet surprising thick stem, with gentle flowers, flowing in waves with the breeze.  As I turn to the right, two faces, ears up, eyes bright, look to me as if to say “where have you been”.  The two brown swiss watch my movements, waiting to be given the attention they so deeply want.  Their off browns and tans stand out from the green of the forest in the background.  I stroll towards them, my feet tickled by the grass, damp with the morning dew.  Our two border collies run along my side, investigating every sound, no matter how small, and ever scent, no matter it’s origin.  I begin to stroke the cows, feeling their coarse hair mixed with the fine hair from the winter, each stroke bringing more of that fine hair off and floating like last winter’s snowflakes in the breeze.  I turn to walk back, and as I do, I look over at the garden, spots of green intermixed with the deep richness of the soil.  Changing my course, I stop at one of the spots, small terrified tomatoes stand here, scared of the wind and heat that awaits them.  As I bend down to the ground, the earthy rich aroma reach my nose and reminds me of why I chose to live here in the first place. My hand dig into the dirt, turning it over, arousing more of that rich smell from the ground. Contentment fills my soul as I look over this little piece of heaven, and I take the long walk back to the house, where other duties await.