Tough question right off the bat!

As I started this blog, now close to a year ago, there’s been this evolution of the “why” of this blog.

First, as I dove up to my elbows in Twitter, I saw everyone had a blog, and wow, these were people I want to be emulate! So, I signed up and wrote a few posts.  Eh, ok, this isn’t quite a cool as I once thought.  I looked at all those people who blog and thought, “wow, they have so much more to say!”

The blog lay dormant for a couple of months, and as I started going back to it, I was in a different mind set.  Now, it was more about just getting thoughts out.  I swear, I have adult ADHD because I can never keep my focus on one thing for more than 30 seconds (ask my wife, it drives her nuts!).  This was a way to refocus my thinking, to get those things out that were bothering me, that I noticed, or just a way to express myself a little better.

Right now, it’s about wanting to make a difference, to let people see those things I’ve seen this summer all ready (PLC and Tech conference) but also about how we all make choices with those things around us.  It’s very much a love/hate relationship because I don’t feel as though my writing style is very good, yet, it’s easy to sit down, and let the words flow like water.  I’m constantly amazed when I look at the word count and it’s up over 500, which back in the day was a nightmare to come up with.

As this process continues, I’d love to merge the idea of continuing to get thoughts out, but yet, making that difference to someone.  I know my writing isn’t going to inspire everyone, but if I can write about one thing that makes a reader sit up and take notice, all these words are worth it in the end.

So I pose the question to you: If you blog, why do you do it? And if not, why not? 🙂