If I were a good blogger, I’d have some picture of a clock or some snappy cartoon.  Bah! 🙂


I’m writing this one on the fly today.  Today’s been a mishmash of swear words strung together as nouns and verbs, flying back and forth to town, and getting relatively nothing accomplished.


My daughters are in 4-H and like with most organizations that we’ve been part of, there’s an enormous amount of fairly senseless paperwork, much of which has to be done by mom and dad.  For better or worse, we aren’t those parents who will sit down and do our daughters’ paper work for them, and that gets us in trouble at time (like today) because what kid, heck, what person likes paper work??  So, I got to take 30 minute trip the to 4-H office to get this turned in because they did get it done.  Next, we bought trailer, fairly quickly, and as it turns out, too quickly, because the relatively quick fix I had in mind didn’t work.  At all.  Apparently in order for lights to work, there actually has to be *wait for it* wire connections!!  And finally, we get to move five heifers in said trailer because there is a small fair that the girls are showing at this weekend.  Nothing too much right, other then this will be the first time for me driving this trailer with animals in it! Ack!!


On top of this, my teaching job is slowly but surely becoming at 12 month a year job both for the curricular reviews that are always happening and the “stuff” that’s going in.  In the first 15 days of June, almost half have been spent going to some kind of conference, with another 25% used to clean out my room.  I felt yesterday was my first true day of summer, in mid-June!


The point here, time is precious.  Whether driving cows around, visiting educational conference, or writing on a blog, it’s all how we choose to spend this time.  I’ll complain a whole lot, but I love the fact my kids are active (all though they still need a kick in the pants).  I love that I can spend a few days away with other teachers, talking about how we can impact the lives of students, and I love how we actually had a technology conference within 20 miles of where I live.


True, I’m running more now then I did school was in session, but these are more things that aren’t “you will do this *insert voice of God*” from the school or “I have a ball game everyday of the week *insert little girl voice*”.  These are things I make the decision to go to, and I’m better for it.


All though, I’m not sure of the educational value of using swear words as nouns and verbs! 🙂