This one will be a little off topic for me in that it’s not educationally based at all. Well, maybe a little, but later.


I just wanted to say thank you to all who have read, Tweeted, commented, or wondered “I just wish he’d get to the point!” I’ve gotten more hits this month then any other before, and while I’m not a fan of the counter and all that kind of stuff, when I go to write, I check the stats, it’s human nature. When I do lately, I’ve been blown away that people read this stuff. Like I said earlier, I’m hardly a writer, that’s my wife! 🙂


But, it puts me in an interesting spot. I’ve found I actually like doing this for some unknown reason. Call it a disease, someone’s sick way of making me think, whatever it may be, but this is enjoyable. However, it’s just that, putting myself out there for others to read, making others think, and *gasp* perhaps thinking “oye, why are you doing this again??” My superintendent reads this, and I shared it for the first time with another teacher in my building, and both are nerve wracking experiences! 🙂 I enjoy doing this, yet, it’s scary as heck.


*insert educational tie in here*


Gee, what do you think your students do when they walk in and see math, writing, or some other subject area ready to go for the day? Or better yet, when you say the word “testing” and they cower like scared puppies, why? When I start thinking about things in those terms, that fear quickly goes away. My students put forth that effort to be open about things constantly. Isn’t it the least I can do to show that same courage in the face of my own fears. So, no, this isn’t disappearing anytime soon. However, there may be entries made on location in various places! Chicago, St. Louis, and possibly Duluth are all ideas being tossed around for vacation.


Again, thank you for showing interest or responding. And if I’ve made you think, or hum for that matter, I’ve done what I’ve set out to do, make a difference, one word at a time! 🙂