I’m not a writer, that’s my wife.


I feel very much like my students each time I have a thought or idea, that I’m not a writer.  My wife has written for three different news papers, has written and was awarded a six figure grant for a local organization, and graduated from college with an English degree. The woman is the true definition of a word smith, and I am greatly intimated by in showing her any of my own writing.  In fact, I’ve not shown her this blog, not that she’d say anything, but having my words out there is something scary.


However, people read this, they comment, they validate that my thoughts and words and feeling mean something to someone out there.  That’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before and it’s almost surreal to me, that someone would want to read what I’ve written.  Each time I pull up this page, I get butterflies simply because it’s still something new.  I’ve always told my basketball players that if they didn’t get nervous before a game, I’d be worried because those jitters show they care.  I suppose this is very much the same thing, if I wasn’t a bit nervous, why do it?


I will say, the 42 posts (after I hit publish) have been a great experiement for me, one that I plan on continuing.  In the bigger picture, this little blog has shown me the power that having other view your word, and I want my students to experience that as well.  Next year, we’ll start off with blogs in place because I can see now how publishing your work for the world makes you sensitive both to what you are writing and how you write it. I take much care in making sure my word, sentences, ideas are done and done well.  I would expect for my students, these self-expectation would be magified by about 1,000 times! 🙂


I’m really not a writer, but I’m glad that I have this record of my thoughts.  It’s made me really think about my writing, and the way that I think about my classroom, students, and education as a whole.  As I continue to grow, I hope you are there with me, because it’s going to be a crazy fun ride! 🙂