Fridays are always a tough day for me. We spend a whole week looking forward to today, wanting it to show up, willing each day to move through, then what? Friday.  I just get the feeling Friday shows up with the “where’s parade” kind of attitude.  It’s the end of the work week, but I know that tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, I’ll work just as hard trying to catch up at home as I did working here at school.


I’ve always had that attitude wondering why we don’t celebrate each day like Friday?  Why shouldn’t we? True, Mondays are difficult to celebrate, but yet, I get to come back to a job that I truly love, and see people I care about deeply not only as teachers, but as people.  

Tuesday is that forgotten day, not the midweek, not but yet, not the beginning of the week.  Why not celebrate it for what it is, another day we can hear the birds, watch the cloud zip by, or can see the wonders of nature around us.


I’ll be honest, Wednesdays have always been my favorite.  Before my current assignment, we’d work analogies and mental math in the mornings, problem solving using words.  Oh the students would be frustrated and grumpy with me when I’d pull them out, but goodness we had great discussions on how word patterns can work together.  I miss those.


Thursday, that day just before the golden day of the week, another forgotten day.  As I check on my little herd of cows or watch my hens wandering around the yard, I look at Thursday as a celebration of being able to show my daughters what life is truly about.  I was talking briefly at the grocery store with the check out clerk, and she got talking about kids and computers, how they dominate their time.  My own kids are the same way, but yet, they can also go outside, build a shelter in our little stand of trees and read, or they’ll go play with the animals we have.  Do they feel deprived? I’m sure they do.  But this is what living is about, not computers.


And Friday, what can be said here, the focus of a work week!


Saturday and Sunday can just be celebrated as time to reconnect with ourselves. Some day we’ll go to a movie together. Others we’ll get outside in the garden.  Reading is something you’ll find all of us doing, sometimes piled on each other, all with something in our hands.  Often, it’s about doing something together, even if it’s having lunch or supper.


My point is, find that celebration to have for each day. Don’t wander looking forward to that end of the work week, it’s about the experiences which are happening right in front of you, those are what make your life so interesting!  If we can find that celebration, imagine the joy of coming to teach, being able to help those students find their own reasons to celebrate? I can think of nothing better then helping my students find that thing that makes them smile everyday, can you?