In our grade level, the group reward system we use is based on compliments.  It was put into place many years ago, before I taught here.  It’s works on the premise that after a certain number of compliments earned by the class, they would receive a reward.  Overwhelmingly, it’s usually a movie party where we, the teachers, provide pop and the students provide themselves a snack of some sort.  This works wonderfully for us.  The students crave that positive feedback, and to be quite honest, I’ll give up an afternoon every couple of months to see their faces light up earning a compliment for their classroom.


Today, our movie that we are watching is Hoosiers.  For those who don’t know, it’s a story based around the state championship won in 1954 by Milan High School.  It stars Gene Hackman, and is one of my favorite movies.  Even more so, this is a movie that I love, absoutly love to show my students each year.  It was released in 1986 so most have never viewed it before.  The message is pretty typical, David vs. Goliath and all that, but inside that, a son accepting his father, the never say die attitude, all of it just gives me goosebumps each time I watch it.  It’s a positive movie, a positive message in a time of so much swearing, violence, sex, and the constant message that you can say and do as you please without fear of consequence.


Plus, as the intensity of the movie picks up, the kids suddenly get quiet, move to the edge of their seats, and by the end, they are cheering! 🙂
Have I said I love what I do?