Snow storms.

I love a good snowstorm.

I despise the hype about snow storms because the last three “epic” storms have been duds. Now, that’s not to say storms in other parts of the country haven’t been epic, but here in the midwest, we go from “IT’S TO SNOW” to “It might snow.”


On Tuesday, my weather app told me 10″ – 12″ of snow. Now, that same app says 3″ – 6″.


The kids were wound up because we had an early dismissal because of the snow. So, of course, it didn’t start snowing until much later than predicted. The old guys in the community are grumping around, talking about how soft things are around here, which is easy to do.

We also need to remember our district is one of the biggest ones in square miles, taking about 30 minutes to drive from one end to the other. Do you want buses out on road in many different conditions? No, probably not.

We’ll see about tomorrow. Two-hour delay? No school? It’s hard to say. The weatherman has whiffed enough with the past several storms that it’s hard to believe that our TV weather people are “the most accurate, three years in a row,” or so they claim.

So, tomorrow will bring a new day, a forecast, and a new outlook on snow.

Really? What’s it good for??